Elsword (LK): Just because noona’s sword is bigger, doesn’t exactly mean she’s stronger than me hahah~

Elesis: Sorry we were gone so long~ 

Elsword: …she’s putting on the “sweet act” please don’t fall for her tricks. She’s still a demon.

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Elesis: Unless you mean “match” as in, who’s best in a fight. Then that answer is me~!

Elsword: ….i don’t think that’s what they meant, noona.

Elesis: …… i don’t think i want to think about that

Elsword: I forgot what it was like having noona around… sh-she’s still really tough on me…





Elsword: ….im really glad to have her back

Elsword: … I guess because I know first hand what its like when your sibling goes missing.

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